Over Force Advanced | Hair Loss Prevention Intensive Shampoo

With its “shock action”, Over Force Advanced is the shampoo for those prone to hair loss and a thinning scalp. It can help quickly strengthen the hair. It is enriched with Lemon Balm Essential Oil, Amino Acid Complex and Green Tea Extract, active ingredients that work in synergy to reawaken the hair bulb from its dormant phase, restoring its normal activity and accelerating hair regrowth.

For professional use

1000 ml size


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    • Lemon Balm: nourishes the scalp, strengthening the hair from the root. Normalises oily scalp secretions and strengthens the hair.
    • Amino Acid Complex: stimulates hair bulb activity, encourages blood supply to the hair root and promotes thickening and natural hair regrowth.
    • Green Tea: naturally inhibits the 5-alpha reductase enzyme, which is responsible for speeding up the hair’s life cycle and the associated miniaturisation and excessive hair loss. It is invaluable in normalising sebaceous secretion, combating thinning hair and promoting hair regrowth.


    • Cleanses the hair and combats thinning
    • Restores density to the hair
    • Reawakens dormant hair bulbs
    • K-time Treatment Brush

      Brush hair with the K-time Treatment Brush to moisten and remove excess impurities.

    • Deepure Scalp Sanitizing Treatment

      Apply to a wet scalp, gently massaging the product in with circular movements. Leave on for 3 minutes. Do not rinse off.

    • Over Force Advanced Intensive Shampoo

      Apply to the scalp, gently massaging the product in. Leave on and rinse thoroughly. Repeat the application if necessary.

    • Hydralize Delicate Regenerating Fluid

      After shampooing, apply along the lengths. Leave on for 4 minutes. Comb and rinse thoroughly.

    • Over Force Advanced Hair Loss Prevention Concentrated Treatment

      After washing and towel-drying the hair, apply the product directly to the scalp. Gently massage it into the scalp using circular movements until the product is completely absorbed. Do not rinse off.

    Matirya Over Force Advanced is a shock treatment designed to combat and prevent progressive hair loss by stimulating hair renewal and restoring hair density.

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